Chocolate chips

Chocolate chips30% less sugar



5 different wholegrains

Made with 5 different wholegrains
- wheat, oats, barley, spelt and buckwheat or rye.

Cereals #1 ingredient

A great source for fibre and minerals such as; calcium, magnesium and iron

Keeps you going*

Added minerals such as; calcium, magnesium* and/or iron to keep you going.
*Calcium, Magnesium and Iron contribute to a normal energy-yielding metabolism

Everything else
you need to know


Chocolate chips30% less sugar

With 5 crunchy wholegrains, belVita makes a delicious addition to a balanced breakfast, and a great way to start your day positively.

Chocolate chips

Allergy information

Does contain MILK, WHEAT, GLUTEN from sources other than wheat, SOYA LECITHIN. May contain EGG, NUTS, SESAME. Always refer to what's on pack, recipes can change!

5 whole grains & source of fibre
5 whole grains & source of fibre
Cereals #1 ingredientCereals #1 ingredient

Quick summary

49calories per biscuit
4xBiscuits in a serving
45gper serving
5xservings per box
225gbox size

Per biscuit

  • 49 Calories per biscuit
  • Natural source of fibre

Per serving / packet

  • 4 biscuits per serving packet
  • 45 g per serving

Per box

  • 5 servings per box
  • Pack size 225g

Storage & Recycling

Store in a cool place, protect from heat.